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Nepeta Leijon
Nepeta Revengebent.png
Aww, you're no fun!!! :(c Don't you want to play wit) ( me??
Vital statistics
Sgrub/Sburb Title ROgue of Life
Planet N/A
Trolltag/Chumhandle alcoholicCatfish
Bloodswap Series Revengebent
Age 8 Alternian solar sweeps
Strife Specibi martiniglassKind
Blood Caste Tyrian
Typing Style Proper syntax, fish and cat puns, replaces 'h' with ') (', adds '-'s before capital E's and double e's (which she capitalizes); puts hands on her smilies (I.E. :(c, :3c, :Dc )
Astrological Sign Leo
Relationships Karkat Vantas - Matesprit (Former)
Terezi Pyrope - Moirail (Unrequited)
Queen Felfaine XIV - Ancestor (Deceased)